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About us

About us

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Terratest Group has its origins in the company that named it, CRAELIUS DIABOR, S.A., which was incorporated in Spain in 1959 as a subsidiary of the Swedish company Sveska Diamantberborrin AB. Later on another historic company in the foundations sector was incorporated in 1985 to the group (Cimyson, ICOS).

To obtain and maintain a leadership position requires the following factors:

A prestigious trademark

An expanded experience

Wide local presence

Technological capacity

Our Staff: As in any market subdivision the best specialists are trained throughout time through constant practical experience in the management of the production teams

Financial capacity to cope with any type of projects

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Human Resources and Machinery

A constant investment policy in equipment along with the continued effort of optimization of the productive resources allows Terratest Group to undertake with greater efficacy a growing number of projects.

The purpose of the human team that compose all and each one of the businesses that conform Terratest, is to RESPOND with SERIOUSNESS and EFFICACY, adapting to the requests of each project, following the specifications established by the client, or presenting the most advantageous alternative solutions.

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Corporate Responsability

Management of Quality, Safety, and Prevention of Labour Risks and Environmental protection are basic and necessary conditions in all the activities of the group. The Management System has been defined and established with this spirit, in conformity with the contract’s requirements, regulations, the applicable environmental legislation and the norms of good practice. It has been structured in the following way:

AENOR Certificates

Policy and Manuals for Quality, Safety and Prevention and Environmental protection.

Targets and indicators (Quantitative and/or Qualitative)


Technical Instructions

  Management Policies

  Management Policies

  Management System Certificates

  Quality Management System  (ISO 9001:2015)

  Environmental Management System  (ISO 14001:2015)

  Innovation Management System  (UNE 166002:2014)

  Product Certificates

  CE Mark Piles

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TERRATEST GROUP points its innovation towards an increasingly efficient management of the available resources, assuring at the same time that the most adequate technologies are efficiently applied, generating benefits and competitive advantages to its business.

Moreover TERRATEST GROUP wants to be perceived as an innovative company capable of offering custommade solutions to its clients.

The Policy of Innovation is governed by the following principles:

Assume and practice an “innovative culture”

Promote and incorporate innovation as a relevant part of all the formative and training contents of the businesses of the group

Establish a technological intelligence and information system that allows to identify opportunities

Establish cooperation or alliances with interested parties by means of agreements that allow to multiply our innovative capacity

Divulge internally the generated knowledge so that all know the best practices applicable to their activity

Protect the results of the process of innovation

Implement an innovation management system that includes the establishment and fulfilment of goals and annual objectives

Promote innovations that contribute added value to our clients

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